Thesis Tuesday, Pt. IX

My graphic thesis was focused on using natural qualities and principles to soften graphic design, but my research extended beyond the posters, zine, and process book that is on exhibit in the senior show.  I also investigated hybridizing graphic design to intaglio and exploring how the photo intaglio process softened the hard-edged vectors of contemporary graphic design.  The result is grungy, grainy and organic.

Contact prints were created in Adobe Photoshop using the program's pre-press features.
The Bitmap feature is key to the success of photo intaglio. It was also key in grunging and softening the graphics from the beginning.
Exposing, developing and etching the plate introduced the soft grunging and organic look of the intaglio process.
The result is a print that is very graphic in composition but very organic-looking in production.

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