Thesis Tuesday VII

At long last, my senior thesis for my B.F.A. in graphic design is complete. The final exhibit includes three posters, an 8x5 zine and a process book, which were all on display at the Hoag Hall Gallery in the Arts and Music building at CSU-Pueblo. I also exhibited a few of the best projects from the past four years, such as my photos from the Pseudo series and the CSU-Pueblo Today Magazine, fall 2014 edition.

From my artist statement, "Organic synthesis, my term for my senior thesis, investigates the blending of natural qualities or natural principles to create more organic, sincere design in contrast to slick, modern graphics.  Using the symbol of dirt or grunge, or principles like radial symmetry and biomimicry, organic synthesis softens the hard-edge, mechanically structured anatomy of contemporary graphic design and attempts to create design that feels part of the viewer's real habitat rather than the digital realm." 

This was a massive project and one that I plan to continue as a personal project. I've only just begun to scratch the surface in areas such as biomimicry applied to graphic design and so I am anxious to continue my research. Stay tuned to this blog for future work in organic synthesis.

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