Being an art major: it's more than studio sessions

Being a B.F.A. major is a lot more than spending most of your time in the studio doing what you love, be it drawing, painting, photography, design or what have you. To be a successful art student, you must also think conceptually and write well. Case in point, my term paper for contemporary art history.

Our requirement was to write an argumentative paper proposing a new method or medium that could influence contemporary art or design. I choose to argue the current affects of biomimicry on art and design and propose it's future effects. Biomimicry is a field that has made an interesting and large impact on engineering and robotics. Its impact on art and design are mostly beginning, so it will be exciting to see how it will affect architecture, graphic design, fashion and art in the future.

Art students must be masters of Powerpoint or Prezi.

As well as masters of the good old research paper.

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