Throwback Thursday: Intermediate and Advanced Graphic Design

A little peak into just a few of the many, many sketches I generated for design projects in graphic design 381 and 481.  Graphic Design 481 was a student run studio that accepted real projects from non-profits in the southern Colorado region.  I had the great opportunities of designing book covers, logos, posters and shirts for clients such as SoCo CRAG, The Nature and Raptor Center of Pueblo, SoCo Reading Series, and the Tempered Steel literary magazine.

If you are a design student and ever have the opportunity to take a class that works with real clients, jump on it. Working with real clients is the best way to learn client interaction and designing a lot of quality material in a short time span. The experience is invaluable and will give you a massive leg-up when you start an internship or beginning job.


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