When Majors Collide: Campaign Update Pt. V

My PR writing class required the creation of various PR materials for a real client (mine was the CSU-Pueblo Art and Music Department). These materials included brochures, newsletters, media pitches, G.O.S.T.s (goals, objectives, strategies, and tactis) and the good old press release.

I expanded my efforts by developing a personal project for this client in the form of an integrated promotional campaign. Aside from the written promotional plan, a visual branding pallet was a key component of this campaign. This pallet was applied to the required PR homework (like the brochure shown here) and additional personal projects (like social media graphics) that were integrated into the campaign. So what started out as homework became a massive extracurricular project under my own direction and something that was very enriching and fulfilling.

Shown here are some of the PR homework was well as the personal projects that were a part of the campaign.

The finished proposal complete with situation analysis, target audience, key messages, promotional plan, and supplements illustrating the rebrand.
A sneak peek into the process behind one of the posters created for the campaign.
Logo development.
An illustration of the proposed brand as applied to social media.

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