Internship Adventures

This summer I have been busy tweeting, Instagraming, Facebooking, writing, designing and photographing for the summer events for the Historic Arkansas Riverwalk of Pueblo (HARP). We just had one of our two major events this June 5-6, Boats, Bands and BBQ. I was running all over the 35 acres posting live updates and photographing bands and food contests.  While I'm not new to concert photography, this was my first adventure in rock/country band photography and my first treat to colorful stages.


This internship has been an experience so far with growing stories. A few weeks into my internship I helped rescue a 100 pound rottweiler from the channel (it was only three feet deep, but she refused to swim it). The night before our big Boats, Bands and BBQ event, the party animals began to show--in the form of tortoises. First it was one tortoise whose owners brought him for his weekly walk. After my Facebook post circulated, some kids brought their own tortoise the next day. 

The tortoise that showed up the day before our big Boats, Bands and BBQ summer event.
I've gotten a ton of portfolio material from just a month and a half of work and looking forward to promoting another big event and several smaller events that kick off soon. I'll post another update before long.

Digital sketches for a print ad.
A little sampling of the many social media posts I've created.


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