Internship Adventures, Part 1 - The Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center

It's my last semester to chronicle the internship adventures. In December I will graduate and this blog will feature all new adventures in graphic design and visual communications as I emerge into the professional field. For now, I have two internships, one with the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center and the other with the Historic Arkansas Riverwalk of Pueblo (HARP) (an extension of my summer internship).

The Pueblo Riverwalk is divided into two parts, the Authority and the Foundation. I worked with the Authority this summer, the part responsible for hosting the events and the summer bands. The Foundation is the non-profit, fundraising counterpart and I am working for them this fall leading the charge on the graphic design and helping to forge an online communications plan as part of their fundraising efforts for a multimillion dollar enhancement project. I just completed mailers and postcards and on deck is a strategic communications plan and establishing a visual branding palette for the Foundation that mimics the Authority's visual brand. Lots to do!

At the Fine Arts Center, I am a new media and marketing intern supplying photography, videography, graphic design and copywriting. Newly completed projects include interview videos, a flier for the docent program, Wordpress webpage design and photos from behind-the-scenes of our premiere theatre event, Putting It Together (a collection of Sondheim songs). I'm also writing copy and capturing photos for the Center's newest version of their interactive app, to go live in the Apple store soon. Lots to do at this internship too, so stay tuned!

Perhaps my favorite thing so far is the inspiration from both my internships. At the HARP I have the beauty of the Riverwalk itself and at the Center I walk past inspiring artwork every time I go to work. Here are a few of my favorite pieces.


We have three Chihuly chandeliers and several other samples of his glass work. #Blessed.


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