Internship Adventures, Part 2 - Riverwalk Branding

Branding, branding, branding.  My primary goal for the HARP Foundation is to help them market their new Riverwalk enhancement projects using graphics and online communications, but an underlying goal is to help reboot the visual branding.  The logo was established, but not a full identity system.  So here is a sneak peek of my attempts to broaden the look established by the pre-existing logo and to forge new ground for a bright new look.


My art boards get pretty messy during the early stage of a design, with lots of experiments off to the side before the best one is chosen and the rest are removed.


Below, I collaged some of my pre-existing photos of water and color studies that I took over the years, plus one of my ink sketches with watery qualities, to form a mood board.  Also included are the colors from the original HARP logo and an experiment for a new logo using part of the ink sketch.  These are all early ideas; some may be used, expanded upon, or they all might be scrapped.  In the early stages of graphic design, be prepared for a lot to change!

A mood board for the new HARP Foundation and HARP Authority visual style.


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