Internship Adventures, Part 8 - When Halloween and Surrealism Collide


I had a blast collaborating with the art director at my Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center internship to create the new logo for our Halloween party, the Dark Matter Bash. This event coincides with our Surrealism exhibit, so I drew inspiration from the melting subjects of Salvador Dali.

To bring this inspiration to life, I returned to my graphic design thesis and a technique I explored for it, called scanner photography or scanography.  My scanner method involves moving my subject as the image is scanned, creating organic abstractions.

Above is Serena Wolford's contribution, a typeface logo set in Futura.  I then took it to the scanner and, within a few minutes, I had these initial explorations (below).


I narrowed the explorations down to my top few picks and explored other forms of manipulation, such as crumpling (below) to draw inspiration from Man Ray, another Surrealist artist.


After the second round of exploration and re-scanning, I made one more final edit of my top three picks and brought them into the computer for digital manipulation exploration (below). After creating some fake solarized looks (also inspired by Man Ray) I returned to the Dali inspiration and investigated manipulation of the logo with Photoshop and Illustrator's liquify tool.  While the same tool, the look is different depending on which program you are using.

Above is one of the Photoshop liquify manipulations, the one which Serena and I selected as the best, and below is the final logo composited onto the liquify study and then refined.
I handed over the finished black and white vector logo (above) to Serena, who then implemented it into various print and online collateral, such as the 3x8.5inch fliers below. It's pretty cool when you can get two designers who can easily pass their designs back and forth, and even cooler is watching how the design progresses under the different visions of each designer. It's a fascinating evolution.


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