Internship Adventures, Part 10 - Event Branding And What Happens to My Office When I'm On a Roll

When your moodboard is full, use the floor!

Earlier, I blogged about the Dark Matter Bash logo collaboration and here is part two of the Bash materials and adventures with surrealistic scanner type.

This time our art director let me take the lead on indoor signage and a flier (below) for our pre-Halloween celebration. 

3.6x8.5 inch flier

To keep with the surrealistic theme established by the logo, I returned to the scanner for the treatment of the events flier and the digital sign. The best where imported into Illustrator and vectorized.

 Typography on the 11x17 signs were kept to the art center's standard Futura look for legibility (in a dark, crowded room, clear signs are key!).

However, the selfie contest sign was banner-sized and easy read from a distance, so it received a very surreal treatment.

The digital sign was new territory for me, but when our art director said she does them as a 1080 mp4, I jumped on it--it's just another video.  I designed 3 panels in InDesign, exported them as jpegs and imported them into Premier Pro.  The box office set the final video on a loop and ta-da, moving sign.


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