2015 in Graphic Design

2015 was full of graphic and art adventures as I wrapped up my last year of college, and here are the highlights.

Adventures in Printmaking
Spring 2015 was my last semester of printing and the focus was intaglio and photo-intaglio.


B.F.A. Senior Thesis
My love for nature, graphic design and printmaking collided in my thesis project inspired by biomimicry and an idea I call "organic synthesis," a process of making computerized graphic design look more natural by replicating qualities found in nature.

The idea of nature influencing art was so infectious that biomimircy in design was the topic of my term essay in my contemporary art history theory course.

Primary research of nature, from rubbings to photographs, influenced both my thesis project experiments (such as the letterforms below) and my photo-intaglio experiments in the printmaking studio.

Adventures in Colored Pencil
I had the opportunity to take a workshop at my university to finally tackle colored pencils head-on. The workshop ended in an exhibition of our final pieces.

Client Work - Marketing Communications
My two majors collided for this strategic communications plan written for the CSU-Pueblo Art and Music departments to help rebrand themselves and better reach their target audiences.  Aside from detailed strategies and tactics, the plan heavily illustrated the proposed graphic branding system across a range of posters, social media graphics, advertisements, brochures and logos.

Summer and Fall Internship - Historic Arkansas Riverwalk of Pueblo
The Riverwalk internship was fabulous not only because of summer and fall semester's worth of graphic design, photography and communications projects, but also because of the great people, gorgeous venues and sweet music line-ups.




2nd Fall Internship - Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center
This is a perfect example of how life works out--I didn't set out to obtain two internships at the same time. I was looking for a paid summer internship and the Riverwalk called first.  A couple days later, the Art Center offered me an internship and it was too good to pass up, so I scheduled them for the fall semester.  When my summer internship ended, my employer was so happy with my work that my Riverwalk internship was extended into the fall semester, hence two internships at the same time. While I never set out to obtain that, I'm so glad I did it because the experiences I gained and the people I met at both internships made it worth all the while.

Personal Work - Observational Drawing Field Trips
Anyone reading this blog for an extended time knows I've got a thing for old things, so the chance to draw fossils is just too much fun for me! These were from the Dinosaur Resource Center in Woodland Park and the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.


Blog Feature
Krista Bradshaw, designer and lifestyle writer, featured my work and process on her blog.

More Client Work - Logo Design
I contributed the visual identity of a rebrand for the annual student, academic and business leader conference hosted by CSU-Pueblo's College of Humanities and Social Sciences.

And Finally, the Best Highlight
The sweetest highlight of the year was finally getting my two diplomas for my B.F.A. and my B.S. mass communications.


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