Drawing for Graphic Design in a Computerized World

Like anything, people with more resources are more successful and so, is it any surprise that the graphic designer with more visual resources is more successful than those who can only offer one technique or graphic style? One way to give yourself great visual resources is to learn to draw. Yes, even when computers dominate, drawing is still a powerful skill-set, especially when you combine it with the computer.


The word "draw" probably makes you think of a very classical style drawn from observed, still objects like the drawings above. But you want to know a little secrete? You don't have to create drawings like the ones I did above to have helpful skills for your graphic design.  In fact, sometimes a style so far removed from classical is actually ideal (think Picasso or, better yet, Saul Bass).  The only rule: pick up a pencil or pen and just start drawing.

Case in point, my drawings below for the Elephant and Piggie poster.  The classical style I used for my museum skeletons wouldn't have been appropriate for this poster.


And in case you're not a believer, check out these other times that drawing either inspired my graphic design or was used directly in my graphic design projects. So if you aren't sketching already, challenge yourself to pick up a pencil because it will pay off in the long run. Best of luck!


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