Goodbye 2015! Highlights From My Last Semester of College

The fall 2015 semester was a fitting end to my college adventure, and as a result I have some visual goodies to share today as I wrap up 2015. 

Adventures in Markup - Web Design 232
I repeated web design to brush up on my CSS and html markup skills.  The results from this class verses the time I took it a few years ago are quite staggering, largely because now you can see the impact of my graphic design courses on my final website layout. My first website was nice, but this is the one that will go into the portfolio!

Adventures in the Field - CSFAC and HARP Internships
The internships are always the highlight of my academic adventures largely because I get to roll up my sleeves and really dig into the projects that we had studied in class.  Internships take you from theory to application and this semester I was blessed to have two, one at the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center and the other at the Historic Arkansas Riverwalk of Pueblo (where I had interned at the summer). Between the two, I had a ton of projects spanning various graphic design projects, photography, videography, communications writing and social media marketing. I also got to try my hands at new things like digital signage.

Adventures in Audience Research
Audience research is a senior level course required in the CSU-Pueblo Mass Communications department for anyone who is an integrated communication major (like me) or electronic communications major. It is very stringent, based in scientific practice and supported with literature reviews, statistics and a formal presentation of primary research findings.  It is the class most of my peers fear, but for me, this one ended up being really cool because my two majors collided for our final group project. Writing literature reviews, drafting survey questions, recruiting respondents and running correlation tests are much easier when your passions are involved. 

Our group studied the effects of graphic design elements on the professionalism of news websites.  We had two screen grabs of a real CNN story and an Onion story, plus a few samples of fake news websites we created to look attractive and unattractive to see if the sites people scored as attractive would also score high on professionalism and vice versa. We found a +0.96 correlation--pretty powerful and only goes to show that design is not something you want to skimp on, no matter what your industry.

And the Best for Last - My Favorite Client Work Thus Far
My peers love hearing a client say "Do whatever you want, just be creative!" but my dream client is one that shares similar interests and, for me that, dream client finally came in the shape of the CSU-Pueblo College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHASS) for their rebranded conference, the SOCO Conference. Embracing Pueblo's culture, bright colors, South American lines and patterns as well as modern sophistication--yep, that scores pretty high on my favorite projects list. You can read about the process in this earlier post, and here is the finished logo.


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