Visualizing a Modern Museum with Web Design

Passions collided for my final project in my introductory web design course this fall semester.  I was working at a fine art center in Colorado Springs and I have always wanted to see a modern art museum south of Denver, so I jumped at the opportunity to create a fictitious branding project and imagine what a website for a CSMOMA would look like.

I wanted the brand to stand apart from the CS Fine Arts Center, for whom I was interning, and decided to focus on a younger demographic with a taste for hip culture.  I drew color and graphics inspiration from contemporary graphic design in South America and France.

The images and video came from my internship at the CS Fine Arts Center.  The final design for the fictional CSMOMA uses html, CSS, mouse-overs and a little JavaScript for the homepage slideshow. The halftones were created in Adobe Photoshop.


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