New Year, New Job

Sometimes five-year plans get broken, but luckily for me it broke in a good way.  I didn't think I'd land a dream job a year after graduating college.  I exchanged car audio for an industry I have been passionate and knowledgeable from age 10 and so now I am designing for the horse industry in a little hip town called Denver.

My primary focus is publications, advertising and apparel. I am the lead designer of the four large show program books and the annual rulebook while assisting with layouts for the bi-monthly member magazine, which has been a multi-year award winner (pictured is the first spread I designed, hot off the press).  Photography, illustration, drawing and printmaking skills all play a part in my projects here and I couldn't be happier.

I can't wait to share more with you. In just two months I've gotten more portfolio work from this new job than I had from a whole year at the previous job. I've never been more inspired.


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