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Taking Ownership

Successful people don't wait for opportunities to come--they look for them. As a designer in a small marketing team that serves the whole U.S. and Canadian Arabian horse world, I have plenty of projects on my plate from ads to show programs, but I also love digging up old projects and breathing new life into them. One of the older company materials I am working on as a self-initiated project is a re-brand of the Discovery Farm ad campaign.  For the past year, my company has been using one graphic for all it's materials on this campaign.  It wasn't a bad ad, but it's been around.  People know it, and when you use a single graphic that extensively for that long, people just as quickly ignore it. Time for a face lift. As with the other advertising campaigns I redesigned, the first step was to freshen up the colors.  Out with the bright orange, in with a purple very complimentary to our official people, and more particularly a shade that has proven to be success

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